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WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT. As owners of 2 American Bobtail cats, we deal with animals that are nearer to basic nature than domestic Cats. We live in Southern California, and on a golf course, so Coyotes are a major concern to the existence of our pets. With the addition of the tracking collars, we can round up our cats before nightfall and reduce our daily anxiety levels. WHAT a true service you have provided-THANK YOU !!
G. Lewis, California
"As a mother of three children in school I can't keep our house organized. A friend told me about EZ-Find!® My children, husband and I fight over who gets to use it when we lose our stuff which is a few times a week.So far we've lost our keys, our remote (more than once), and my daughter's game boy. Thank you. EZ-Find! its a life saver.
M Phillips Ft. Lauderdale
Hi I just wanted to say that this is an absolutely brilliant product. We bought one for our kitten Dougal after he ran out of the front door and became lost. We spent a whole day searching for him and even gave posters out to the neigbours. When we found him the following morning shivering and frightened in the next door neighbours garden, we realised that we couldn't bear to go through the trauma of losing him again. The cat loc8tor has been brilliant. We've found him locked in airing cupboard, hiding under the stairs and in the garden. He's still a kitten and very adventurous and a few days ago he managed to climb over the neigbours fence but wasn't able to get back out. Luckily we managed to find him straight away hiding under some potted plants because it was pouring with rain. If we hadn't had the loc8tor he probably would have been there for days. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who has a cat or a kitten!
D. Astle, Liverpool
I am so impressed with EZ-Find!® I got this for my Mom who's elderly and constantly losing her keys and her purse. It easier to use than I thought it would be. When I first got it I watched the instructional video and putting the descriptions in was a piece of cake. My Mom can do it easily as well. So far we have 4 descriptions for the keys, purse, and two different remotes. I'm probably going to have to purchase more tags.
Pamela Hunt
I fly RC helicopters. Yes, it's expensive especially if you crash or lose your aircraft in tall grass - which happens! Thanks to the Loc8tor I found my Heli, took it back to the table to see why it went down. I noticed the Loc8tor was missing, the velcro didn't hold. It must have come off on my way out of the tall grass, looking at that seven feet tall vegetation I thought I'l will never find the Loc8tor Homing Tag again. To cut a long story short, the Loc8tor led me right to it.
G. Goodhue, Hawaii
My one year old daughter was playing hide n seek with my keys and hid them from me. Since she couldn't talk it was going to be a challenge finding them. Thankfully we had EZ-Find!®. I pressed the Find button, walked around the kitchen and heard a beep coming from my trash can inside the cabinet. Sure enough there they were right on the bottom with all the trash. Didn't like pulling them out but it sure saved me a lot of time and money. Thanks a bunch
Kathy Dallas.
Dear Locator. I must say that after spending many hours in the past searching for lost keys, usually when I am late or the car is loaded up ready to leave or even late at night when I go to lock up and find an empty hook where the bunch of keys should be, I have always thought that it would be a great idea to have some kind of locating device. Having seen a few of these in the ‘junk mail’ catalogues I always dismissed them feeling they wouldn’t work, however when I saw your stand at The Festival Of Speed at Goodwood a couple of weeks ago I was very impressed with the quality of the LOC8TOR and although I did think they were rather expensive decided to buy one with two extra locating sensors. Brilliant, last week I was running late for a long drive up to my factory in Newcastle under Lyme and just couldn’t find my c ar keys, the Loc8tor lead me right to them, they were actually in my briefcase on the driving seat of my car which was in the garage. It would have taken me – well I don’t know how long to find them there. Previous to that I started to search again for missing car keys when the loc8tor found that I had put them back in a metal key safe. Yes, the loc8tor was not cheap but it is very well made and takes away that panic when you really need keys and just end up rushing around in circles getting into more and more of a panic. In fact it’s rather fun to find keys missing – Brilliant – highly recommended.
J. Wellard, UK
Hi there, I just wanted to tell you that Loc8tor worked for me and my cat again last evening. He didn't come in at 7pm as per usual so I called, and checked with the loc8tor. It showed he was in the next door neighbour's yard or vicinity. He usually comes when his collar beeps but this time he didn't. I checked several times and he was still in the same location which was a bit odd. By 8:30pm I was convinced something was wrong so I knocked on the neighbour's door and asked if I could check the yard. No sign of cat but I kept getting a very strong response at one corner of their house. My conclusion was that cat must be inside the house! Knocked again, and they let me in,(no doubt thinking I was a bit mad!) I followed the beeps and there was Ratbag hiding under the owner's bed!!! The neighbours were then very impressed and I was saved from a sleepless night. Thank you once again for this wonderful gadget. Regards
M. Pullen, New Zealand
A pet owner's peace of mind, put in his own words. I could never say well enough about this product. I use this daily with my three cats who enjoy being outdoors. My one little guy, Chaos, is a runner and sometimes gets to his yard limits. With my back turned on Chaos I know when he is getting to the edge of his limits. Last evening neighbors arrived after a small cook out. My neighbors were showing me some photographs. The alarm let me know that Chaos reached his boundary. When I went for him he had gone into the woods. The sun was going down. Chaos is a dark gray cat. With this product I was able to locate my little guy and get him home safely.
A. Schwartz, Palo Alto, USA
A Pet Lover's dream As I live alone my cat Sally means the world to me and after mant sleepness nights when she would stay out for a night on the tiles I decided to invest in a loc8tor and see if I couldnt make technology work for me in a good way. It arrived in good time and I fitted the tiny device to my cats reflevtive flea collar thinking how small it was and how I couldnt believe how it could possiby keep me from wandering about at 2am on a rainy work night. Well as I thought it wasnt long before I had to put loc8tor to the test and after hours of calling with no sign of her furry face I turned on the device and began the hunt. It was actually increadibly easy to use and it led me to a thick bush at the base of a fence. It beeped frantically but I still coulnt see her so I walked through the hedge (Getting scatched all over!) and looked up to see her nonchalantly looking down on me from the high fence post. Needless to say I am delighted with the device and have found it's just as easy to lay in bed, turn it on and go down to let her in if it shows she's in the near vicinity. This is a pet lovers dream and I would urge anyone who loves their animal to attach one to their collar. Thanks loc8tor from a very satisfied customer.
Matthew Howard, UK
I have been greatly impressed with the performance of the loc8tor. "It does what it says on the tin"! My cat does not object at all to the tag (in its splash-proof case) being attached to his collar. Most times when the search is activated the bleep of the tag is sufficient to remind him that his presence at home is required and he duly returns. I thoroughly recommend the product.
J. Henthorn
Oscar in a Tree
I wrote this after the last 'incident' when the loc8tor was needed. Hope it is of some use to you. Sunday Morning - first bright day after the snow, and Oscar, our beloved young black moggy disappeared keenly out of the house for a wander. More than a few hours went by. Oscar usually calls in to say hello regularly. No sign of Oscar. Time and again we went out to call. Still no sign of Oscar. Anxiety was building. Still February, still cold. My husband got the loc8tor. He set out to check the field behind our house. Suddenly the loc8tor started to beep. It pointed my husband towards an overgrown building plot. Surely Oscar should have come to the call from there? But as the loc8tor fine-tuned it's search - there was Oscar - stuck high up in a tree, with the most aggressive cat I have ever met, Pilchard, also up the tree! No wonder he couldn't come to the call. It needed a ladder to rescue a shivering, shaking Oscar. Without the loc8tor, it could have taken many more hours before Oscar was able to come home - he might have been injured - and our anxiety for him would have grown and grown. If you care about your cat, I would highly recommend that you try the loc8ator. (Sometimes it's even good to know where they aren't - in someone's shed or outhouse, or lying in a ditch near a road.) For peace of mind, and help when it's needed, the loc8tor is as good as it gets to help you find your cat. Yours sincerely,
Mrs Wade (a most grateful owner of a loc8tor and five cats!)
Lost Specs We used to spend an hour or two a day looking for lost spectacles. The ironic paradox is that without your specs, you can’t see well enough to look well enough. Sometimes they turned up around the neck on a cord. I’ve even found my own on the top of my head. But with early Alzheimers, the problem occurs more frequently and is harder to solve. Our new saving device is called Loc8tor plus. It has a little brother called Loc8tor Lite. It is not too easy to set up, unless you find mobile phones a doddle. Essentially you have a small controller, about the size of a cigarette packet, and four tags, about the size of a large thumb nail. You pair a tag with the controller, and give it a name – “best specs”, “spare specs”, “old specs”, for example. After that, it is more fun than hunting for easter eggs or thimbles. You press the button for Locate, and the tag you are looking for, and the controller starts gentle bleeping. As you move and turn, the bleeping and visual lines get stronger or weaker, showing you are getting warmer or colder in Hunt the Thimble language. The tag also flashes, so that you can see it as you get close. It works by radio waves, so you do not need line of sight. It has a limited range, of about 600 feet, but can be affected by walls and thick floors. So it is ideal for finding specs in the normal house, but not for finding wandering people, although it does have a panic button alert.
Zander Wedderburn
Professor Emeritus
I purchased a Loc8tor Lite for my new kitten. I have a large home, and was stopping several times a day to hunt through the house to find her - always concerned that she had somehow gotten outdoors. My first concern was that my 6 pound kitten would not be able to wear the homing device, but the tag is so small she did not seem to notice it at all when I put it on her collar. The splashproof tag housing for pets is excellent. I thought the tag would dangle and get caught, but it fits so snuggly on the collar it is hardly noticeable. As soon as I turn on the Loc8tor I can quickly determine that the kitten has not gotten outdoors because the Loc8tor will be flashing yellow instead of just red - so I can relax. And finally, I live in Arizona, and the package got to me so quickly. I am 100% happy with everything about the Loc8tor Lite!
Donna Nelson - Lake Havasu City, Arizona
I take three dogs up into the forest every day and it rains a lot. I have no worries with the other two (one of whom is a career criminal but she saves it for when she's home) but Doris, a fearful creature who is afraid of wheelie bins, bikes, notice boards, baby buggies, etc. (you name it) when near home, turns into the Dog From Hell when amongst the pine trees and likes to disappear into them. The Loc8or is a blessing.
Linda with Doris Dane, UK
About three weeks ago, my R/C model plane had a midair collision with one belonging to a fellow club member. It's tail was torn off and it disappeared going down vertically into gum trees about 200 metres away. We collected the Loc8or unit and headed down a fire trail into the bush. We were at the correct spot, looking in the wrong direction when the Loc8or said "look behind you dummy" or sounds to that effect. We finally found the plane just behind us, cunningly concealed about 15 metres up a gum tree. Without the Loc8or we would probably still be looking! Good news: it's rebuilt and ready to fly again.
Tony - Sydney Australia
I have told several of my friends about this device. Sad thing they had no idea that a search system would work for RC Helicopters. The other way to put a locator on an RC Model is with GPS Very expensive $1000.00 hopefully you will sell more of them when a few of us start working with them. The cost of your system is great. Two of my Helicopters I have are about 3000.00 for each model. When you lose one it is a very bad day. Your tags cost is less then my Carbon Fiber Rotor blades are. The RC community is going to jump on your device. You have given me a way to have no worry in flying
Steve Carden - Georgia
Hello! Loc8tor is a great help in finding our Yorkshire Terrier in the undergrowth in our backyard when he gets fixated on a chipmunk hole - Thank you.
John - Canada
I have found another great use for the Loc8tor Plus. I often have to drill holes through walls and floors to run network cables. Finding the precise location where the hole will appear on the other side of the wall or floor below, and keeping clear of suspended pipes and cables can sometimes be a problem. Using the Loc8tor Plus and a Tag placed where the hole has to be drilled, I can locate the position where the hole will appear. This gadget saves me a great deal of time and effort.
Ken Park - London
My mother has Alzheimer's Disease. One of the symptoms of this disease is the patient hides things she deems valuable (keys, purses, billfolds, etc.). Your device has been a godsend in finding these items she has hidden. My average location time is about 30 seconds.
Don DeJarnette-USA
"My two and a half year old daughter has a small cloth toy rabbit that was purchased when she was a baby that she takes everywhere. We have spent hours searching in utter desperation, at theme parks, shopping centres and similar, desperately re-tracing our tracks when the rabbit has inadvertently been dropped or when it has been hidden in the myriad of places that small children think cloth rabbits should hide." "To our horror we have checked and learnt that the rabbit is now discontinued so a replacement is not a consideration. (I should have bought two)! " "I decided to purchase the loc8ator plus and with some very minor fabric surgery and some brown thread the loc8tor was put in with the stuffing, not discernable to the small proud owner. " Oh! how are lives have changed for the better, whilst we still keep an eye out for "wabbit" and his adventures, we can with the press of a button locate him in the garden flower beds, at the top of the slide, inside the TV cabinet, or wherever else his owner wishes to deposit him, making sure we find him return him promptly before tears ensue." "So glowing with our success, on a recent trip with 14 adults and 11 children for a weekend break at a seaside resort I attached one to the belt buckle of my 5 year old son. " "Well as all the parents were shouting at the top of their voices for their children, who were occupied half way down the beach to return to our deck chairs, a press on the button alerted my son from his intensive digging, that he was to return. The loc8tor sounded and he quickly trotted back along the beach "both of us beaming" leaving the other parents gloating as they continued to scream above the sound of the waves, seagulls and the offshore wind in the vain hope that their children would hear them." "I await in eagerness the waterproof wrist bands to afford the use in the summer and to minimise the delicate surgery I have to undertake every time cloth "wabbit" needs a good bath."
Mark Finch - Ascot
I have recently purchased a Loc8tor and extra tags. I have put one on my cats collar, one behind my interior mirror in my car (perfect for a busy car-park), one on my key-ring and one discretely onto my mobile phone. I have tested all for location and it's a brilliant gadget (and I am really in gadgets) a lot of the items I have purchased eventually get left to one side, but I am sure the Loc8tor will be a part of my everyday life.
Terry Godbert - Blackpool
How I lived life without one I just don't Know!!
Natalie - Cirencester
I mainly bought the item because I occasionally lose my cat......He has been missiing twice since getting the Loc8tor and both times he has been easily found shut in a garage. I recommend this product to adds that sense of security to your loved pets.
Matt - London
I just wanted to tell you what you already know, that your product is fab. I am a single mum with two children and I feel frightened with them when in crowded places. The loc8tor helps tremendously. I know exactly where they are, they are warned when they step out of range as their panic tags start beeping and if they should lose sight of me then they can push their panic button or I can activate it and then I am directed straight to them. It is brilliant, a must for all safety conscious parents. I also have one on my keys, but since getting it I haven't lost them once, spooky.
Esther - Taunton
Brilliant bit of kit – I now have my old cat tagged!
Phil – High Wycombe
My wife (who always misplaces her keys) loves your gadget. She uses it quite often. I bought her this because we had a bit of a row 1 day when we were late for something very important and then to top it all off she lost her car keys... again.
Chris – Burton On Trent
After spending 7hrs trying to find my missing L400 cat I bought your product - its wonderful and so many of my friends’ think it is a great idea.
Adrian - Stroud
I am an aero modeller who purchased the loc8tor as an aid to assist in finding my free flight models when they fly away down wind. I am pleased to inform you that my first successful find occurred when my rubber powered model flowed out of the aerodrome and into a wood. It landed on top of a large oak tree and without the Loc8tor I would never have found it. How the model was subsequently got down with only minor damage is another story.
Mike - Fareham
Video testimonial:
I am over the moon with the Loc8tor. It is fantastic to know that should I lose a key it will track it down for me. Over the past few years my door key has been lost twice and apart from the expense of having the lock changed it is miserable to have to hang around for hours until someone can come and help you out. I will no longer have that worry and think the price of Loc8tor is really reasonable for the peace of mind it brings.
Mrs Forsythe - Aberdeen
I would like to write and say a huge thank you for your help and kindness. As I told you my husband has cardio vascular disease and losing things is a daily occurrence. I need your wonderful loc8tor to help keep me calm and not adding to my stress. The expense has been more than compensated, in the case of quickly finding keys and alarms. Makes life so much calmer. The help you and your staff provided coupled with your patience was greatly appreciated, you can quote me anytime as a very satisfied customer.
Maureen - Wellingborough
I came across this device when reading an item in Autocar magazine earlier this year. Whilst I frequently lose my car keys my thoughts didn't immediately turn to placing a tag on the keys but onto my Burmese and Tonkinese cats collars. In the summer of 2005 our mischievous 2 year old Burmese decided to get stuck up the top of our village windmill. After numerous searches she was finally discovered by some local children some 10 days later. It was a very stressful period for all the family and it was a real worry not knowing where she was. She certainly used up 1 of her 9 lives during this escapade. Since this episode I have been waiting for an affordable product that will help us track the position and approximate range when they are inside or outside our house. I would recommend the product for the following reasons:
1. The loc8tor allows you to select which cat you want to locate.
2. If you need to place you cats in specific room before setting the alarms on your house you can quickly locate the 'sleeping cat' and prevent the usual frantic family search for the cat before leaving the house.
3. When the cats decide to have a night on the tiles and doesn't come in at bedtime you can check that they have arrived safely home from the comfort of your bed without having to check for them downstairs.
4. If they do get stuck in a neighbours garage, house, car or windmill you will be able to locate your cat and thus avoid the stress of not knowing where your valued pet is. One final use we found for the loc8tor tag. Attach it to a wine glass during parties and never lose your glass again!!
Adrian Oxfordshire
Just wanted to say thanks for such a brilliant piece of kit. It has been a fantastic way of keeping track of our beloved cat from a distance. A quick check with the loc8tor and you know straight away he's somewhere safely in the vicinity. Peace of mind for us and freedom for him. We've recommended it to countless friends since we discovered it - now all their cats have loc8tor-adorned collars too. One added bonus...the Loc8tor has also proved a pretty failsafe way of retrieving lost collars from the undergrowth!!!
Rebecca - London