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How do locators work? Print E-mail

How do locators work?

Locators can really be an usefull help when looking for some lost things. They work on a reliable basis of radio waves emitting and reception, analogous to avalanche locators. Locators can find things, people or animals at distance up to 183 m and with an accuracy of 2,5 cm. Radio waves can also get through walls so wherever the keys were dropped – locator will find them! Animated presentation will tell you more than many words:

An easy items enrolment into locator

Easy items enrolment was locator´s priority number one. With locator you will get as many as 25 small chips that you can attach to your keys, cell or even collar of your pet. Then, to locator´s memory, you just store the names of the items with chip, for example „keys – car“, „glasses“, „pursue“ and the like.


Intuitive control - search

Intuitive control of a device will easily get you to finding a recorded item which you are just looking for. If you happen to lose your cell for example, choose the item „cell“ from your list and the locator will immediately show on LCD displey, with a soundtrack, which direction you should go – to the left, to the right, forward or backward.

Attention for distance exceeding

Locators enable an easy setting of maximal distance between marked item and device at which exceeding you would be warned by an attention tone. So if you mark for example your pursue this way you do not have to be worried about loosing it somewhere or that somebody steals it.

Emergency call button

Emergency call button is a special mode of Loc8tor Plus device that a child or a person exigent of care can use to call assistance in an emergency. It works on a simple basis of alerting: after pressing emergency button the locator starts to vibrate and give off an alarming tone. Locator can also situate a person exigent of care immediately. Ideal for small children on public swimming pools, fairs, in parks or other busy places or for people with orientation disorder.

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