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Examples of locator´s use

Locators have got a versatile spectrum of practical use possibilities. All the under-mentioned examples can be combined in practise and for one locator you can enroll up to 25 chips that will always bring you straight to your destination.

Objects – an easy search

Some things get lost more often than other things: keys, pursue with papers, mobile phone or camera. If you label these things with a small chip, you will never have problem to find them quickly with our locators.

Use at home

By pressing the only button and with audiovisual alerting your locator direct you to your lost TV remote control, glasses or car keys. Locators designed specially for home use can search out up to 25 lost objects which are stored in their memory.

For model makers

Attach a small chip to your remote-controlled plane (RC plane) and never worry again where your model lands. Chip is small and weights just a few grams – and does not influence aerodynamic characteristics of a plane model. Locators cover up to 183 meters and work on international frequency 2.445GHz.

Steal prevention

Locator can easily advise you of the marked object getting away behind the authorized limit, for example 50m. If you mark your pursue this way, you do not have to worry that you will forget it somewhere. In a case of your pursue steal you can easily identify mugger with locator.

Help to diseased

Locators are very usefull device for people suffering from memory disorder, visual debility or Alzheimer disease and they boost their self-support.

  • Weak-eyed patients -locator help them find things easily by means of audible alarm.
  • Hard of hearing patients - locator of objects help them find lost things by means of visual alarm.
  • Patients with Alzheimer disease – locators help find all the lost things easily and quickly. Also the famous writer of the books Terry Patchett who suffers from Alzheimer disease uses locator with satisfaction.

People – fast localization

Children localization

Locators have got two basic modes: give a notice and search out. It warns you when child gets away behind adjustable distance, for example 100m. Then the locator will help careful parent find the small explorer immediately. Locators are also suitable for teachers on school trips when they can monitor a team of up to 25 children all at once.

Care of diseased patients

Within the care of diseased people, locator enables using attention mode – if a patient gets away behind adjustable distance. Locators are used in medical institutions, rehabilitation centres and hospitals where a patient should not depart far.

Pets – reliable localization

You do not have to worry any more that your pet gets lost and you will never see it again.

Just have locator for pets and a small light chip attached to your dog collar or turtle crust. If a pet departs from authorized limit, you can easily locate it and set off exactly in the direction where the small errant pet is. It is possible to monitor up to 25 animals all at once.

Are you interested in how locators work? Or do you want to know locators users opinions?